Heat Rescue 60c


Clinical Applications

• Supports the Body’s Natural Process of Healthy Aromatase Activity
• May Support Bone, Breast, and Prostate Tissue Health
• Helps to Relieve Normal Menopausal Symptoms, Such as Hot Flashes
• Supports Cardiovascular Health

Product Details

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Heat Rescue delivers a unique, proprietary blend of 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) from hops and plant-lignan extract at clinically relevant levels. Research suggests lignans and 8-PN can support the body’s natural process of healthy aromatase activity and exert phytoestrogen (e.g., enterolactone) and antioxidant activity. This all-natural formula may support cardiovascular, bone, breast, and prostate health and help relieve normal menopausal discomforts.

As scientific knowledge advances, it is becoming more evident that a balance of estrogenic and antiestrogenic activities within the
body is normal and optimal, has important effects on the health of estrogen-sensitive tissues, and can help relieve normal menopausal symptoms. Reducing abundant estrogenic activity is one way to support balance. Another approach is to offer the body a “weak” estrogen that can support estrogenic activity when it is low or can replace more potent endogenous or exogenous estrogens. Research suggests that the ingredients in Heat Rescue do both.